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App Mbility per il trasporto


Comune di Milano
Politecnico di Milano

Free to move.

Real time booking

If you have mobility problems you can use the service even without a reservation.

Available in Milan

Through our partners we are available and widespread throughout Milan.

Payment directly in the app

Pyou can pay for the trip directly from the app by credit card.

Without any limitation

You can travel at any time of day or evening

Prenotazione di un viaggio su Milano con Mbility

Everything under control.

  • You know who you are traveling with

    You can see reviews, photos and personal data of the driver

  • Flotta di mezzi specializzati al servizio di mbility

    Choose how to travel

    You can choose the type of vehicle and services that best suit you

  • Plot the path

    You will be able to see the movements of the vehicle on the map in real time


Expand your boundaries

In less than 2 minutes, plan your trip to Milan and the Hinterland.

Through the mbility app you can book a trip within the urban area of Milan by paying directly from the app and keeping track of the route taken by the driver.

Prenotazione viaggio con l'app Mbility


The founders of Mbility

Alfonso Correale
Alfonso Correale Co-Founder & Chairman
Marco Amico
Marco Amico Co-Founder & CEO
Daniele Dolci
Daniele Dolci Co-Founder & CTO
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App available on Google Play and App Store

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